Beck Burn

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Beck Burn
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Applicant/Operator EDF
County Council Cumbria County Council
Planning Authority Carlisle City Council
Planning Authority Reference 13/0866
Number of Turbines 9
Power per Turbine 2MW
Turbine Height Up to 126m
Position 55° 0' 38" N, 3° 1' 25" WLatitude: 55.010480696933
Longitude: -3.0236005783081
OS Grid Reference NY 345 690
Wind Farm Status Application approved (by Local Authority)
Parliamentary Constituency Penrith and the Border
Campaigner Solway Moss Protection Committee

Jan 2017 Under Construction.  See the beginnings of this hideous windfarm here

and the spoiling of a sunset

June 2015 The developers have now applied for variation of the conditions of the approved application. They wish to increase the size of the blades which will affect the local residents by increasing the shadow flicker zone. To comment or object to this variation go to

Rory Stewart has publically announced his opposition to the Beck burn wind farm and hopes it will be cancelled. For more see

29/8/14 Members resolved to give authority to the Director (Economic Development) to issue approval for the proposal subject to the completion of Legal Agreements relating to Peat Restoration and Goose Refuge.

The first application for planning permission, Ref: 10/1102, was ultimately refused by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government (see below) but a second application has now been submitted.

Second planning application, November 2013

This second planning application was submitted to Carlisle City Council by EDF Energy in November 2013 and the application documents can be seen by clicking this link: 13/0866. Representations can be sent to the Planning Manager at Carlisle by email or post or via the website during a limited period, which must be at least 21 days starting with the publication of the Site Notice on 15 November 2013.
Please note that objections and any other comments submitted in respect of the first application will not be carried forward to this new application; new letters, emails, or comments on the website will need to be submitted, quoting the reference 13/0866 and, if objecting, the word ‘object’ or ‘objection’ should be prominently included in the first sentence, to ensure the submission is correctly categorised.

First planning application, December 2010

Planning Application 10/1102 for nine 126 m high wind turbines was submitted to Carlisle City Council by EDF Energy in December 2010.
The Ministry of Defence objected to the application because of the anticipated effects of the turbines on the international seismic monitoring station at Eskdalemuir. The Ministry stated that the additional seismic ‘noise’ generated by the turbines would compromise the capability of the UK to detect distant nuclear tests and breach the agreement under the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. In view of this objection, the Planning Officer’s report to the Council’s Development Control Committee recommended refusal of planning permission. The Committee accepted that recommendation and, in a Decision Notice dated 16th December 2011, refused planning permission for the nine turbines.

In June 2012 the Applicant appealed to the Planning Inspectorate and a Public Inquiry was held in December 2012. In May 2013 the Appeal was dismissed by Eric Pickles as Secretary of State (following the Inspector’s recommendation to approve the proposals subject to a Condition relating to Eskdalemuir). You can find the report and decision letter, which also deal with Hallburn, by clicking here then clicking the “Search for a case” box and entering the reference 2170838 in the Case Reference box that appears, before clicking on the “Search for Cases” box on that page.

Anemometer mast

In December 2009, in response to application 09/0983, temporary planning permission was given for a 60 m high anemometer mast on the site of the proposed wind farm.  ''The Council’s Decision Notice stated: “Within 2 years of the date of its erection . . . the temporary meteorological mast and associated guy wires hereby permitted shall be removed from the site and the land shall be restored to its former condition.”  The mast was erected in April 2010. 

In January 2012, the Applicant submitted application12/0017 for permission to retain the mast beyond April 2012 but, on 20/04/2012, the Council refused permission.  The second planning application, referred to above, confirms that the mast has been removed from the site.