Carwath Farm, Rosley

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Carwath Farm, Rosley
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Applicant/Operator West Coast Energy
County Council Cumbria County Council
Planning Authority Allerdale Borough Council
Planning Authority Reference 2/2013/0227
Number of Turbines 3
Power per Turbine Up to 2.5MW
Turbine Height Up to 115m
Position 54° 48' 38" N, 3° 3' 17" WLatitude: 54.8105556
Longitude: -3.0547222
OS Grid Reference NY 324 467
Wind Farm Status Proposal defeated
Parliamentary Constituency Penrith and the Border



On the 10th February 2015 the Development Panel refused the application unanimously on the following grounds: The potential benefits of the proposed wind farm and the contribution it would make to meeting renewable energy and low carbon targets does not outweigh the likely adverse visual effects on residential amenity. Furthermore, adverse visual impacts are expected to be experienced on nearby roads and footpaths that are within close proximity to the site to the detriment of the local community and all those who use the local infrastructure when going about their daily activities.

Planning Application, April 2013

The full planning application for the wind farm, Reference 2/2013/0227 was registered on the Allerdale website as valid on 8 April 2013 and the voluminous application documents became available on the website on 15 April 2013.  Additional items of information, such as email correspondence with the Applicant, and a Hayes MacKenzie noise report are being added to the Allerdale website from time to time and the date for determination of the application by the Development Panel has not yet been fixed.  In the meantime, objections can be sent to the Planning Manager at Allerdale by email or post or via the website.  The consultation period has been extended and objections will still be accepted
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The local Westward Parish Council held a special meeting on 29 April 2013 to discuss this application and the Councillors resolved to object to the planning application when they reply to the consultation from Allerdale.  Over 100 members of the public attended the meeting, demonstrating the community's overwhelming concerns regarding the wind farm proposals.

Public meeting 29 November 2012

A public meeting was held in Rosley Village Hall on Thursday 29 November 2012 to discuss what action the community wished to take in preparation for the expected planning application. Various speakers raised concerns and others, who already lived near turbines, outlined the impact wind turbines have had on their lives. Towards the end of the meeting, those present voted overwhelmingly in favour of an Action Group being formed.

West Coast Energy Exhibition

West Coast Energy presented their proposals for a 3 turbine wind farm at the exhibition they had organised in Rosley Village Hall on Wednesday 26 September 2012. Since the firm submitted their scoping report in September 2010, the hub height of each of the proposed turbines has grown to 70 m and the rotor diameter has increased to 90 m giving a maximum height to the tip of the blades of 115 m above ground level.
Speaking to people as they left the exhibition, it became clear that there is widespread serious concern about this proposal in particular, but also about the cumulative impact of the numbers of large wind turbines currently being proposed.

Scoping application

The planning authority reference sco/2010/0005 relates to a scoping application submitted by West Coast Energy in September 2010.  The application informed the Council that the firm was "undertaking a study to assess the potential for the generation of electricity from wind energy" on land at Carwath Farm, Rosley.  A plan attached to the application showed the extent of the area of interest. The icon on the map indicates the approximate centre of this area.

Subject to the results of the study and responses to consultations, the development envisaged was for up to three turbines, each having a capacity of up to 2.5 MW with a height to the hub of 60 m and a rotor diameter of up to 80 m.

The application outlined the matters which the firm considered should be covered in the Environmental Impact Assessment, and in a letter dated 18 November 2010 the Principal Planning Officer at Allerdale confirmed a list of issues to be addressed.  The relevant documents are available on the Allerdale website and can be seen by clicking on the above reference.

Anemometer masts

West Coast Energy has planning permission for two anemometer masts within the area of interest mentioned above.  The first, which the firm refers to as the 10 m mast, was erected without planning permission in October 2009.

In February 2010 the firm applied for planning permission (Allerdale reference 2/2010/0081) to retain the 10 m mast and erect a 60 m mast nearby.  The 10 m mast was subsequently deleted from this application because of an error on the site plan and, in May 2010, it became the subject of a separate planning application (reference 2/2010/0377).

In total, there were over 200 written objections to these masts.  Local residents spoke at several meetings of the Allerdale Development Panel and in July 2010 the members of the Panel voted unanimously to refuse planning permission for both masts for landscape and nature conservation reasons.

The applicant appealed and, in a letter dated 1 December 2010, the appointed Planning Inspector granted planning permission for both masts, the 10 m mast for twelve months and the 60 m mast for a period of two years.  There had been no public inquiry, the decision being taken on the basis of written representations.  

In December 2011 West Coast Energy applied for planning permission to retain the 10 m mast for a further twelve months (Allerdale reference 2/2011/0971).   

The 60 m mast was erected on 25 January 2012 and in the following month temporary planning permission was given allowing the 10 m mast to remain on site until 25 January 2013.  The permission requires that, immediately after that date, the 10 m mast must be removed and the site reinstated.