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Hainsford Energy
Website http://www.hainsford.com/
Contact Hainsford Developments Limited

PO Box 50874 London SW3 4YR

Email: carose@hainsford.com

Involved in wind farms at Caton Moor

Hainsford Developments Limited (Hainsford) is an independent wind energy development company owned by Charles Rose whose companies have developed, built, owned and operated wind farms in England, Scotland and Wales since 1992. These wind farms are Caton Moor in Lancaster, Dyffryn Brodyn in Carmathenshire, Four Burrows in Cornwall and Burgar Hill Turbine in Orkney Scotland. Currently Hainsford Energy (Blyth Harbour) Limited owns and operates Blyth Harbour Wind Farm in Northumberland and is seeking a permission to re-power this existing wind farm.[1]

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