Ling Farm, Welton

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Ling Farm, Welton
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Applicant/Operator Mr Bryan Donald
County Council Cumbria County Council
Planning Authority Allerdale Borough Council
Planning Authority Reference 2/2015/0549
Number of Turbines 1
Power per Turbine 0.1MW
Turbine Height 25m
Position 54° 48' 0" N, 3° 0' 48" WLatitude: 54.8000947966
Longitude: -3.0133155642509
OS Grid Reference
Wind Farm Status Application refused (by Local Authority)
Parliamentary Constituency Penrith and the Border
Campaigner FORCE

 There has been a further application at this site for a turbine 25m to tip. (Sept 2015)

See 2/2015/0549

The nearest unassociated property is only 450m away from the site. Other properties within 1km and a local footpath would have clear views of the turbine. No detailed ecological survey has been carried out despite the proximity to a County Wildlife Site. Cumbria Wildlife Trust has asked that Barn Owl and Bat surveys be carried out. The proposed position appears to be within 50m of a hedgerow.

Originally, two Planning Applications, 2/2012/0240 and 2/2012/0241, were submitted to Allerdale Borough Council on 5 April 2012.  These related to a proposed pair of 100 kW turbines off Ling Lane, Welton. Each turbine would have a 21 m diameter 3-blade rotor mounted on a 37 m high tower, giving a total height of 47.5 m to the tip of the blades. In this case there was no suggestion that the purpose of the turbines would be to supply power directly to a farm. Section 3 of the Design and Access Statement stated: “It is envisaged 100% of the generated power will be exported to the national grid network”.

One of these applications, No. 2/2012/0240, was withdrawn on 1 November 2012. 

In May 2013 the application 2/2012/0241 was refused by Committee.