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This page lists all the wind farms in CWW and shows the status of each one. (Property type: string)


Application submitted

Application refused (by Local Authority)

Awaiting appeal

Application refused, Appeal dismissed

Under legal challenge or judicial review

Application withdrawn by Applicant

Application approved

Application approved (by Local Authority)

Application approved (after Appeal)


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Aikton House +Application refused, Appeal dismissed  +
Ainstable +Application refused, Appeal dismissed  +
Arkleby House Farm +Application withdrawn by Applicant  +
Armistead +Operational  +
Askham (Far Old Park) +Operational  +
Aspatria +Application withdrawn by Applicant  +


Bankdale +Operational  +
Barkin Lot +Proposal defeated  +
Barrock End, Aiketgate +Proposal defeated  +
Beck Burn +Application approved (by Local Authority)  +
Berrier Hill +Application refused, Appeal dismissed  +
Berrier-Greystoke +Proposal defeated  +
Black Knors +Pre-submission  +
Bowscar +Application refused, Appeal dismissed  +
Brayton Park +Operational  +
Broughton Lodge +Application refused, Appeal dismissed  +
Brownrigg Hall +Operational  +
Burton Services +Application approved (by Local Authority)  +


Carwath Farm, Rosley +Proposal defeated  +
Caton Moor +Operational  +
Claughton Moor +Proposal defeated  +
Cragg Lot +Pre-submission  +


Dean Moor +Pre-submission  +
Deerslet, Burton +Application approved (by Local Authority)  +
Dundraw Farm +Application refused, Appeal dismissed  +
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