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To All Households of VILLAGE NAME

Proposed Wind-farm at LOCATION NAME

You may already be aware that DEVELOPER NAME Ltd is proposing to erect a wind-farm on land at LOCATION NAME.

The proposal is for X turbines of XMW, totalling XMW. The locations of the proposed turbines can be seen on the map on the reverse of this sheet.

Each turbine will be X metres (xft) to the nacelle or hub, and the blades are Xm (xft) long. The overall height to the tip of the blade is Xm (xft). The swept area of the blades is Xm2 (xft2) and the total swept area for the station is Xm2 (xft2). These are very large structures indeed, and the visual intrusion will be very significant over a very wide area.

The nearest domestic dwellings are Xm (xft) from the turbines.

The developers claim that it will generate XMWh per year. This claim implies a capacity factor of 0.n, which is a measure of the station’s “effectiveness”. (For comparison, a gas turbine has a capacity factor of approximately 0.9.) This does not mean that the blades will only be turning 0.n of the time; they may turn 80–90% of the time, but it does mean that they will not always be turning fast enough to generate its maximum quantity of power or even a large fraction of that quantity.

At present the local authority, COUNCIL NAME, is consulting organisations and other bodies before instructing the developer with regard to the Environmental Impact Assessment.

A planning application is likely to be submitted in MONTH.

There are many known problems with very large wind turbines of this type, including light interruption effects, noise, and negative ecological impact. It is vital that we work hard to learn all we can about this proposal and ensure that the development is not rushed through over our heads.

This leaflet has been prepared by an interim steering committee of villagers examining the proposal. For further information please contact: (0000) 000 0000.