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Cumbria Wind Watch (CWW) has no political agenda. It is built to share knowledge and experience about fighting wind farms.

If your community is opposing a wind farm development you can find the necessary guidance here. You can also read about the experiences of others in Cumbria, and add your own.

The more information is made public, the more powerful the opposition groups can become.

CWW has no official position on man-made climate change.


How to get involved


To register on CWW click here, or click the button in the top right hand corner marked 'Log in to edit'.

If you would like to become an editor please email the editors at cumbriawindwatch@gmail.com.

Campaigning Organisations

If you would like to have your organisation or cause represented on CWW please write to the editors. You will be able to update your own organisation's page and any wind farms against which you are campaigning.

Finding Information

General Research

Visit the Advice on fighting wind farms page to read documents about fighting wind farms in general.

Research for a specific wind farm

Find the wind farm on the map or search using the search box.