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NB: If you go to edit a page and cannot see the editor as it appears below, click on the link marked "Rich Editor" to use the more user-friendly interface

The three controls circled below are the only important ones.


How to make headings

Clicking on the arrow next to the 'Format' button gives you a choice of styles - click to select 'Heading 1'.

When you want to return to ordinary typing, select 'Normal'.

When you use headings, a list of contents is generated automatically.

To make subheadings, use 'Heading 2'.


How to make text bold or italic

Use the mouse to select the text you would like to change. You can then apply a style by clicking on the appropriate button.


How to add links to other pages or other sites

Select the 'link' icon from the menu:


If you want to link to an external site simply type or copy the address into the box:


If you want to link to another page on this site, just type the title of the page and it will appear below. In this example I've made a link to the Fells page: