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Reports and inquiries

The Limits of Wind Power - Adam Smith Institute Report Feb 2013

Why is windpower so expensive? An Economic Analysis, GWPF, 2012

Natural England - Making Space for Renewable Energy: assessing on-shore wind energy development (2010)

Lord Turnbull's report for the global warming policy foundation

"One particular set of technologies, and especially wind, has been given a guaranteed market share and a guaranteed indexed price, regardless of how competitive it is. The current pursuit of wind power is folly. Its cost per kWh substantially exceeds that of other low carbon sources such as nuclear when account is taken of intermittency and the cost of extending the grid far from where consumers are located. There is a constant confusion between installed capacity for wind and its actual output, which is, typically, about 20-25 percent of the former."

Wind farm report from the UK Noise Associaton including a recommendation that turbines should be sited at least a mile from dwellings

Planning policy papers

Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) Publications:-

Reports on UK renewable energy strategy (2009) 

"Roadmap" for deployment of renewable energy generation (2011)

North West England renewable & low carbon energy capacity and deployment (2010)

Digest of UK Energy Statistics 2011, Chapter 7, Renewable Sources of Energy (2011)

Consultation on levels of support under the Renewable Obligation for 2013-17 (2011)

White Paper: Planning our electric future for secure, affordable, low carbon electricity (2011)

Draft Energy Policy (May 2012)

Department of Communities & Local Government (DCLG) Publications:-

New ‘Planning practice guidance for renewable and low carbon energy’ published by DCLG 29 July 2013

Consultation on the Environmental Report on the revocation of the North West of England Regional Plan (2011)

Abolition of Regional Strategies (May 2013)

Ministerial Statement (Eric Pickles) to Inspectors Nov 2013

DCLG Planning Policy:-

National Planning Policy Framework, March 2012

Planning for onshore wind farms. Contains details of requirements for compulsory local consultation after 17th Dec 2013 (2013)

Cumbria County Council Publications:-

Cumbria Wind Energy Supplementary Planning Document (2007)

Cumbria Renewable Energy Capacity & Deployment Study (2011)

PI Decisions

Bicton - Hill crest, Castle, 2012

Newlands Farm Cumwhinton Cumbria, appeal dismissed by Insp Burden, June 2012

Chelveston appeal upheld by Insp Griffiths, June 2012

Secretary of State overturns appeal decision Boltongate April 2014

Other Publications

Scottish Guidelines for small turbines

Decision notice refusing 34 metre turbine Ulcat Row, Lake District National Park May 2012

Where ETSU is silent - a report on the faults of noise assesment July 2012

Link to 'Variable Pitch' a site giving the efficiency and income generated by operational turbines